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Dmitry Klokov at Varsity Gym, Glasgow

Video highlights from Dmitry Klokov's weightlifting seminar at the Varsity Gym in Glasgow, Scotland

The World Records of Worlds 2013

Videos of all of the World Records set at the World Weightlifting Championships 2013 in Wroclaw Poland, including Lu Xiaojun's 176kg Snatch at 77kg

How To Snatch With California Strength

California Strength's guide to How to Snatch with Glenn Pendlay remains one of the best online training tools for new Olympic weightlifters around.

California Strength Clean Training Progression

At the moment I’m paying a lot of attention to ironing out problems with my Clean. The one resource that I’m constantly recommended, by multiple coaches and on various online forums, is California Strength‘s 3-part Youtube progression

Chad Vaughan Slow Motion Olympic Lifts

Yesterday I came across these fantastic slow motion videos on Crossfit HQ’s Youtube channel of lift Chad Vaughan performing the Olympic lifts. I think they’re slowed down somewhere in the region of 12-15 times. Not only is

European Weightlifting Championships 2013

I’ve been really enjoying watching the European Weightliftings Championships 2013 on Eurosport over the last week. It’s absolutely inspirational (and a little bit humbling) seeing guys in your weight class Clean and Jerk 30kg over your max