Recovery Archive

A Beginner Weightlifter’s Perspective on Injury

Getting your head right when dealing with a weightlifting injury is crucial. The road out of Snap City is paved with opportunities for improvement.

Preventing Callous Tears in Weightlifting and Crossfit

Weightlifters and Crossfitters alike suffer from torn callouses - read how to prevent them and how to deal with callous tears if one does occur

Key Mobility Exercises For Weightlifters

Improve your flexibility with these five mobility exercises for weightlifters that hit the thoracic spine, hips, shoulders, wrists and ankles

Restaurant Review – Paleo Copenhagen

I managed to stop in to Copenhagen's Paleo Restaurant on a recent work trip and was blown away by the quality of the eats.

Regime Change Begins at Home

Performance in training is directly linked to habits and lifestyle outside of the gym. How I plan to tweak my regime to improve my recovery and, in turn, my lifts.

Hand Care for Weightlifters with Donny Shankle

My hands have been taking a real beating from weightlifting over the last week, with three torn callouses in as many sessions. I’m taping up and working through the pain but clearly there’s lots of room for

Shredded Up Palm

Here’s that shredded up palm I was complaining about in today’s training log. I haven’t had many problems with grip or my hands getting too beaten up while I’ve been training but in the last few weeks

My Supplement Standards for Lifting

Supplements are one of those things that inevitably crop up as soon as you start taking an active interest in powerlifting or weightlifting rather than just knocking out a few sets of half-squats once a week. They

Typical Daily Meal Plan

Last year, when I started lifting regularly, I started paying a lot of attention to nutrition beyond simply counting calories, as I had done for the majority of my initial weight loss. I’ll be honest, I stil