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Review: Inzer Forever Lever Belt

A good belt is an important item in any lifter’s kit, whether they’re a weightlifter, powerlifter or strongman. A belt will provide support for the lower back and trunk, allowing heavier weights to be lifted in exercises

Review: MyProtein Supplements for Weight Loss and Recovery

A review of a selection of supplements from MyProtein USA that support weight loss and recovery from heavy weight training, including Impact Diet Whey and BCAAs.

Can Fitness Trackers Help Weightlifters and Powerlifters?

Can fitness trackers like Fitbit and Jawbone help powerlifters, weightlifters and strength athletes to achieve their goals and improve their recovery?

Eleiko Weightlifting Belt Review

The Eleiko weightlifting belt resurrects a classic Soviet belt design in a supple, supportive offering for the modern Olympic weightlifter

American Weightlifting: The Documentary Review

Greg Everett's American Weightlifting lifts the lid on the plight of Olympic weightlifting in the USA but are American athletes destined to struggle to continue to make an impact on the international scene?

Equipment Review – Rehband Knee Sleeves

Rehband knee sleeves are considered the gold standard knee support for weightlifters. In our review, we take a look at why and what you get for your money

Nike Romaleos 2 Weightlifting Shoes Review

The Nike Romaleos 2 are the ideal weightlifting shoe for the lifter with a wide foot, but is the high cost justified?

Adidas Power Perfect II Weightlifting Shoes Review

The Adidas Power Perfect II is the weightlifting show of choice for many new lifters. But what can novices expect the shoes to do for their lifting?

Equipment Review – Strength Shop Hercules Wrist Wraps

As a novice lifter, the world of equipment is a difficult one to navigate. Not only is there an overwhelming choice of products available promising to put kilos on your lifts, the new trainee is also assailed

Supplement Review – Vitabiotics Wellman Plus Omega 3-6-9

When it comes down to it, there’s only really so much you can do to make the humble multivitamin stand out from the crowd but like may other supplements providers, Vitabiotics have certainly given it their best