Medical Disclaimer

I’m not a doctor, a physiologist, a physiotherapist or any other type of medical professional.  Any information, recommendations or advice dispensed from this blog is based on my personal experience and/or research and is followed strictly at your own risk. Don’t blame me if you do it wrong and get hurt, basically.

If in doubt about any aspect of your training or health, consult a competent and qualified coach or medical professional. Please note that official certification does not necessarily equate to competency; try to find a trainer or doctor that understands the iron sports and that conventional wisdom isn’t the last word on nutrition. Otherwise be prepared to listen to how squats below will blow out your knees and whole grains are the answer to all your prayers.

Commercial Disclaimer

While I don’t operate All The Heavy Lifting as a commercial entity, I may occasionally  review products supplied by manufacturers or enter into advertising and/or sponsorship partnerships or other arrangements with selected companies.

Where I do review a product or post sponsored content, this will be clearly indicated by a disclaimer at the bottom of each post. I strongly value my integrity and won’t allow money or benefits-in-kind to sway my opinion on anything I review – if it’s not up the standards I’d expect, this will be reflected in the copy.

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