The Lifting Digest – 08 December 2013

Tima Turieva of Russia wins  at WWC2013

Tima Turieva of Russia wins at WWC2013 | Photo by Hookgrip

With the holiday season rolling in and articles and blog posts on weightlifting beginning to dry up, The Lifting Digest is going to enjoy its own Christmas break for the next few weeks. We’ll be back early in the New Year with all the best lifting content from around the web but until then, here’s one last blog round-up for 2013.

UK Olympic Weightlifting on the role of squat strength in weightlifting and how to use the relationship between competition lift and squat maxes to program for squats: “One way I like to look at this is: during the execution of a clean or snatch, the squat will only become relevant during the receive and recovery phases. If you are unable to pull effectively, you will not be able to meet the bar to get into the receiving phase to then recover. I am happy to admit that this is completely anecdotal and I would be happy to see any research that looks at the effects of squatting on pulls, but this is a philosophy I stand by. There are however studies that state the uses of pulls and power snatches/cleans to strengthen the pull”

A nice piece by Mike Gray on the Catalyst Athletics blog on how to be a good teammate to your weightlifting buddies.

Greg Nuckols of Real Strength with a write up of a study on whether you should wear a belt when lifting or not: “Based on the variables assessed in this study, it seems like one could use it to argue for training with a belt.  Wearing a belt allows you to lift more weight, and even with the same training weights it increases muscle activation in the quads and hamstrings without decreasing abdominal activation.  An argument for beltless training either needs counter evidence or a rationale based on other variables.”

Giles Greenwood with a detailed and insightful analysis of how he has been improving his technique in the Clean.

A great articles by US lifter Spencer Arnold on how he cuts weight ahead of competing: “4 weeks out I eat a “paleo-ish” diet consisting of no processed grains (i.e. bread, pasta), no dairy (i.e. milk, cheese) and no sugar (i.e. everything that tastes good).  Then two weeks out I eliminate excess fats (avocado, nuts, seeds) except for bacon because I want to keep my sanity.  Furthermore, the size of my meals become very strict.  I eat my biggest meal in the morning and smallest in the evening.  I try to eat no later than 7pm if I can help it.”

This week’s video is recently unearthed footage of Gleb Pisarevskiy from 2004 working up to a 200kg Snatch. Note the consistency in form even as the weight gets heavy.