The Lifting Digest – 1 December 2013

Krzysztof Zwarycz of Poland snatches 161kg at the 2013 WWC | Image by Hookgrip

Krzysztof Zwarycz of Poland snatches 161kg at the 2013 WWC | Image by Hookgrip

We’ve reached the final month of the year, though the weightlifting world shows no signs of slowing down. The Commonwealth Championships have just concluded in Malaysia, and the Celtic Championships and American Open take place next weekend. There hasn’t been quite as much activity on the weightlifting blogs this week as many coaches focus on getting their athletes ready for competition but there’s still plenty out there to get your teeth into in this week’s Lifting Digest.

The final part of Matt Foreman‘s “Technical Glitches I’m Seeing A Lot These Days” series that we linked to a few weeks ago, this this discussing grip width in the Snatch: “When a lifter is snatching with a grip that’s too narrow, a problem occurs that’s a little hard to describe in words. That narrow grip limits the athlete’s ability to keep the bar close to the body, and you’ll almost always see an excessive gap between the torso and the bar as it travels upwards. I’ve always called it “being bunched up” for lack of a better term.”

Though I’m naturally suspicious of the term “guru” from my professional life, this post from the Olympic Weightlifting Guru is an excellent rundown of the various different jerk styles that weightlifters employ.

A wonderfully detailed, very comprehensive article by Lester Ho of The Training Geek about key positions in weightlifting, from the start position to receiving the bar: “Positions allow for maximum leverage to occur and to allow momentum to be generated in the right direction. It is important to understand that while there are generalisations of these key positions you need to adopt, there are also individual differences due to limb/segmental lengths. This suggests that for each position we talk about, there will be slight differences for each individual and you need to cater it to your own physical characteristics.”

Donny Shankle has written a spate of updates for his blog this week. I found this one about not letting misses slow you down or sap your energy while warming up to a working weight quite interesting.

Another great article from JP of First Pull about the challenges weightlifting coaches face when working with lifters whose only experience in the sport has come from Crossfit: “It is obvious that strength is very important in weightlifting. However, strength serves no purpose if technique is limiting the amount of weight you can lift in the snatch and clean and jerk… the clean and jerk requires a bit more strength and many people get away with mistakes in the clean on the account that they are strong enough (although they would be lifting more if they had better technique). On the other hand, it’s impossible to get away with mistakes in the snatch when the bar is heavy.We will often see very strong CNJ in comparison to snatch which is why I work so much on the snatch with Crossfitters”.

This week’s video is young Russian lifter Artyom Okulov clean and jerking 203kg. I’m a big fan of his very efficient cleaning style and speed under the bar.