The Lifting Digest – 1 September 2013

Boyanka Kostova of Azerbaijan

September’s first Lifting Digest arrives amidst a renewal of the debate around the value of high-rep Olympic lifts in Crossfit and rounds up a range of great weightlifting content from around the web this week.

Giles Greenwood of Greenwood Weightlifting on the importance of finishing the pull in the Olympic lifts: “I think Daniel Bell and Don McCauley’s statements make sense for sub-maximal weights when we control (vary) the amount of force we deliver to the bar to match the weight being used but hopefully when lifting maximum weights we are producing as much force as we can and “ENOUGH” upward momentum on the bar coincides with all the upward momentum you can impart. Otherwise you’re under performing to some extent. ”

Justin Lascek of 70’s Big challenges the importance of the “45 minute window” for maximising testosterone recovery that often dominates post-workout nutrition thinking: “Whether we’re talking PWO nutrition, or nutritional and training philosophy, it’s not the precise decisions you make throughout the day, it’s the fact that you hit the minimum requirements on a regular basis. Timing your daily protein or meal intake pales in comparison to getting the appropriate calories in an optimal macronutrient (proteins, carbs, and fats) distribution on a regular basis.”

Spencer Arnold of the oft-dismissed benefits of including the Overhead Squat in weightlifting training: “Many lifters struggle with stability and comfort while in the bottom of the squat and we all know lifters who struggle with shoulder girdle mobility and thoracic mobility. The overhead squat is a good solution for all of these problems. Just because it is likely impossible to put enough load on the overhead squat to really allow for strength gain in the legs does not mean that the movement as a whole is non-beneficial. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater and in doing so miss out on a great exercise. Anyone who is good at the overhead squat will have one less chink in their armor and thus be a better lifter.”

Lady in Weighting has been running an excellent series of interviews with ladies that lift. She’s also looking to feature more powerlifting and weightlifting women – if that’s you, get in touch.

There’s been a lot of discussion about the pitfalls (and merits) around the performance of high-rep Olympic lifts after Mark Rippetoe slammed their place in Crossfit WODs earlier this week in an article on T Nation. Jacob Tsypkin‘s response article presents the corresponding side of the argument on Juggernaut Training Systems. I don’t have any experience doing the Snatch and Clean & Jerk for high reps myself but know that some of my Crossfitter friends have and I’d be interested in hearing their experiences.

This light-hearted blog post on the many faces of Olympic Weightliftinggave me a laugh. I know my face when I hit the bottom of the Clean isn’t a pretty picture.

This week’s video is young Russian lifter Khetag Khugaev performing a 150kg Snatch aged just 15.