The Lifting Digest – February 2014

Ian Wilson at US Junior Nationals 2014 | Photo by Hookgrip

Ian Wilson at US Junior Nationals 2014 | Photo by Hookgrip

Welcome once again to the Lifting Digest, our monthly roundup of all the best weightlifting content from all corners of the internet. February saw the competition season resume in many countries, including the UK, Russia, the USA and Ireland, with our US friends getting ready for the Arnold at the start of March.

Bob Takano with 12 reasons why athletes and coaches should keep records of training sessions. For many of us logging our training is second nature but do we really make the most of this wonderful resource we build up over time?

Dan Bell on the jerk dip and drive. This particular movement – simple in theory – has given me no end of trouble over the last year and Dan really nails some very helpful cues in this article. His pointers on depth of the dip is one I find particularly useful.

JP of First Pull with a similarly excellent article on how to fix the split jerk. JP’s post deals with the jerk in full rather than specifically the dip and drive  and includes suggestions on footwork and overhead position as well as one of the most useful jerk cues I’ve heard – “double chin”.

Giles Greenwood talks a little about when lifters are ready to compete. Essentially, once they are capable of performing lifts that will be passed by a referee. Having recently competed at my first meet and seeing lifters of all standards having a great time, I definitely agree.

A superb personal story by Sean Rigsby of Muscledriver USA published on 70s Big recently describing what Sean has sacrificed for weightlifting and the ways in which the sport has improved his life.

Dr Quinn Henoch writes on Juggernaut Training Systems about common mobility errors both in exercise selection and execution. Well worth a read if you are a lifter who lets amount a large amount of time for mobility work.

Greg Everett of Catalyst Athletics has compiled a strength standards for weightlifters table. While these standards are only intended as a guide, they are still a good indicator of how adult athletes are progressing with their lifting.

This month’s video is up and coming British 77kg lifter Shaun Clegg snatching 133kg, clean and jerking 166kg and cleaning 170kg and narrowly missing the jerk in training.

  • Shaun Le Conte

    Interesting table by Catalyst Athletics!