70s Big

A blog run by US-based powerlifter, Olympic weightlifter, author and coach Justin Laseck and friends. Dedicated to helping people build the physiques of our 70s heroes, eating big and reclaiming short shorts and tank tops for real men everywhere.

Dan John

A blog by inspirational American strength coach, Olympic lifter, discus thrower and more Dan John. Dan’s approach to fitness and life is deeply insightful and humorous.

Glenn Pendlay

Coach Glenn Pendlay of Muscledriver USA, and formerly of California Strength, covers a variety of weightlifting topics. Includes some great articles on how to program for beginners.

All Things Gym

One of the world’s leading strength training, Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting and strongman blogs run by Gregor Winter. Updated daily with fantastic videos and information from around the world.


A blog by London-based coach and competitive powerlifter, Olympic weightlifter and strongwoman Sally Moss. Sally runs the pioneering Ladies Who Lift women’s weight training course.

Catalyst Athletics

The web presence of the gym and weightlifting team run by Coach Greg Everett in California. Includes superb video resources and an excellent blog and article section.

Cast Iron Knowledge

Strength and conditioning blog by Edinburgh-based coach and competitive powerlifter Marc Keys. Marc also posts video updates on his Youtube channel Speed Power Fitness.

The Iron Samurai

A weightlifting blog by Nick Horton where zen and the art of weightlifting combine. Nick’s content focuses as much on the mental and spiritual aspects of the sport and on the technical.

UK Olympic Weightlifting

A community for Olympic weightlifters and coaches in the UK dedicated to providing resources for those interesting in getting into what is unfortunately a minor sport in Britain. Includes and excellent blog featuring articles by top UK coaches.

Lady in Weighting

An Olympic weightlifting blog by Abbie, a 34 year old mum of two from the UK who began strength training and powerlifting in August 2012, then moving on to Olympic weightlifting in January 2013.

She’s Made From Concentrate

Food, fitness and exercise blog from Emma, a runner and fitness enthusiast based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

University of Edinburgh Centre for Sport and Exercise

Where I train. CSE at the Pleasance is one of the best equipped gyms in Scotland with top class equipment for Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting.

Greenwood Weightlifting

The online home of Giles Greenwood, Olympic weightlifting coach and Commonwealth Games gold medallist and British record holder. The site includes a great articles section full of invaluable advice.