So What’s Going On With ATHL?

Khetag Khugaev

If you’ve visited these pages lately, you’ll probably have noticed that it has been quite a while since the last post on All The Heavy Lifting. Over 6 months in fact. This hasn’t been an intentional hiatus, just a case of life being pretty hectic with a house move and new job and other things – like this blog – slipping as a result. Thankfully, things have settled down a bit now and I should have more time available  to produce content and manage the website.

In the meantime, I’ve bene thinking quite a bit abut what direction to take All The Heavy Lifting in future. I’ve been overwhelmed by the fact that the blog has maintained high visitor numbers even during a time of inactivity and I’ve had some lovely emails from readers telling me how useful they’ve found some of the content. I’ve also had some interesting approaches from a variety of potential partners and companies about some collaborative work that it would be good to pursue.

There are also some other considerations to take into account; on the one hand, I’m not a coach nor do I have a professional level of expertise about anything related to training or diet. While I think there’s great value in sharing experiences as a new lifter with others, there’s also room for more expert and scientific articles authored by others.

Then there’s the technical side of things – ATHL’s current hosting package is getting a bit creaky and is struggling to support the number of daily visitors the site gets. The blog experienced quite a bit of downtime this week and so it’s about time to move it to new hosting. The current theme could also use a refresh to something a bit more streamlined and modern.

The plan at the moment is to relaunch All The Heavy Lifting as a resource for beginning Olympic weightlifters AND powerlifters. Obviously the site is geared towards weightlifters at the moment but we get plenty of visits from people interested in powerlifting. The types of content published will branch out a little bit as a result – more programme-related articles, product reviews, interviews and athlete profiles, for example.

The site will also move to new hosting, there’ll be a clean up of the existing content and a brand new theme and there MAY also be a new name and domain name – not entirely sure on this one just yet.

There’s no fixed ETA for the relaunch just yet. I’m hoping to get a lot of the work done during the next week but it may take up to a month to get everything in place. In any case, there should be some new articles up in the next week or so and if there’s any major delay I’ll post an update.

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