The Lifting Digest – Sunday 21 July 2013

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Welcome to The Lifting Digest, a new regular feature on All The Heavy Lifting. Every week we’ll round up the best weightlifting, powerlifting, strength training, nutrition, motivation and general fitness blog posts from around the web.

  • Donny Shankle’s blog is back! In a prolific first week back, Donny has voiced his thoughts on everything from mobility to how to properly pull yourself under the bar during the pull of a clean or snatch. “It seems to be a common occurrence by some people to forcefully lock out the arms during the pull on a clean and snatch. I see this mistake happen much more often on the clean and this is incorrect…. You never want to fight the bar or feel like you are forcing anything unnatural, but rather you should feel relaxed and move with it.
  • An excellent post from Waxman’s Gym about whether it’s ever acceptable to throw proper weightlifting technique out the window: “The bottom line for us: Technique matters. It matters which technique you choose and it matters that you perform that technique consistently with high quality movement. The choice of technique is something that should be left to you and your coach(es) in the context of your body and your purpose. But the strict use of high-quality movements rather than slop should be non-negotiable.”
  • US Powerlifter Greg Nuckols on whether physiological differences mean that women should train differently than men: “I remember reading an interview with the Chinese weightlifting coach.  When asked how he trains his female lifters, he replied that he trains them just like the men, except with about 15% more volume.  Keep that in mind.”
  • Greg Everett of Catalyst Athletics writes about his gear choices and supplement stack.
  • Kevin Cann writes about meal frequency on Robb Wolf’s blog, challenging the strength training convention that smaller, more frequent meals are preferable: “Eating 3 meals a day seems to be an effective way to avoid the stressors of undereating or going too long without food while allowing for our fat burning hormones to do their job.  I would encourage these meals to be spaced apart every 5 hours.  This allows for equal time between insulin and glucagon and an equal work to rest ratio for our liver and pancreas.”
  • An enormous post over at Nerd Fitness for skinny guys looking to bulk up some: “Like a muscle, your stomach can be trained to eat more food.  I’m not a big fan of calorie counting, but I think for a newbie starting out, tracking calories for a few days is a great place to start.  I find that a majority of skinny dudes overestimate the number of calories they consume (and conversely, a lot of overweight people UNDERestimate how many calories they consume).”

Elsewhere, Greenwood Weightlifting have posted the full results of the 2013 British Senior Weightlifting Championships, which were held in Bangor, Wales last weekend.

And we leave you with this video of American female 72kg lifter Kimberly Wahlford pulling a 507lb/230kg deadlift at the USAPL Raw Nationals. That’s 3.19 times bodyweight!

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